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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Warning: if you like pot way too much stop reading right now before it's too la--

Duuuude. Freaky. I am your duly appointed nomination representative for the following awards.

The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award

(AKA "The Award Winner For Winning The Most Clumsily Named Award Category Winner Award Award," AKA "The Trev")

FOR: The funniest blog.

(Wait... where am I? This is bullcrap! This is just like the BCS.)

Best New Blog

FOR: The best blog started within the past year.


Best Podcast/Audio Thing

FOR: A somewhat abstract category, this is either for the best (semi-) regularly produced college football podcast or the single best piece of audio put out by the college football blogosphere during the year.

Note that the first three are individual things; the latter four regular podcasts.

Best MSM Blog

FOR: The best blog rocked by an Official Journalist. For the purposes of this category, "Official Journalist" is anyone blogging in said capacity at either a newspaper website or one of the big internet sites like or; Official Journalists with indie side projects go elsewhere.

Hurray those are the nominees hurray.

Peter Bean has the next batch of soon to be incredibly rich and famous nominated bloggers over at Burnt Orange Nation. He'll post his list around 1 PM.