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Friday, August 03, 2007

2009 recruit Kevin Lynch, a third-round pick of the Plymouth Whalers, has decided to pass on the OHL and attend the NTDP for the next couple years; he's also committed to Michigan. He appears to be a forward (the article doesn't mention this potentially salient piece of information; USHR does). However, read this before you start making clever shirts based on his last name:

“Although Kevin was honored to be drafted by Plymouth, he has chosen, for the time being, that he’s not going to be playing there,” said Mike Lynch, Kevin’s father. “He wants to keep his options open about being able to play in the NCAA, and if he played for Plymouth, he would lose his NCAA eligibility.”
Sounds like an OHL defection is not completely off the table. Bob Miller confirms this at The Wolverine, also mentioning that he's "a quality player." So we've got that going for us. Redline had this positive blurb on him as one of their favorite players in the '07 OHL draft:
Kevin Lynch/RC - Honeybaked. Underrated pivot is a coach's dream. Does whatever is needed to win. Rarely loses an important face-off. [Tim from Yost Built just screamed "thank you, God." -ed] Great penalty killer and has more skill than he's given credit for. Scores big goals.
Sounds like... Dwight Helminen, maybe?

(Via WCH.)

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Anonymous said...

I believe Kevin Lynch is the recruit; father's name is Mike.