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Monday, December 06, 2004

After basically blowing any chance at at getting a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, Michigan absolutely laid the wood on ND, 6-1 and 8-0. I was at the Friday game and offer my impressions:

  • I've never been angrier at a 6-1 victory. The ref, Murphy, was a guy I'd never seen before and hopefully will never see again. I'd say it was the worst refereed game I've ever seen, but unfortunately the state of CCHA officiating means that I've actually seen quite a few games that should have given me a stroke and this game was only in the ballpark of the worst refereed game I've ever seen.
  • Notre Dame is awful. They spent probably 25 minutes on the powerplay, including two long stretches of 5-on-3 play, and generated two good scoring chances. They have no one who can create any kind of offense. How did they beat BC? Maybe they played the women's team.
  • If you omit the nightmare showcase weekend, Hensick's beginning to get into quite a zone. He was zooming all over the ice all night and got rewarded.
  • Jason Dest is a mess in the defensive zone and has been all year. He has trouble getting the puck out of the zone and cannot maintain appropriate position against big forwards.
  • Reilly Olson did okay. Why is Martens sitting instead of Dest?
  • Cook had one great shift penalty killing where he was singlehandledly harrassing just about every ND puckhandler. That's the first time he's ever leapt out at me.