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Friday, December 17, 2004

Nyan Boateng, a top 50 player in both basketball and football has sudden, inexplicable interest in UM. He's even planning a Rose Bowl trip on his own dime. This guy lives in NYC.

Boateng has proven that he's a real... uh, interesting guy, what with his direct-to-NFL statements, and I'd be surprised to see UM offer if Bass commits (which would make 6 WR in two years for UM). But... if we've got a projected 4-6 open spots in this class, we would have room for the guy unless a lot of awesome things happen. And he wants to play basketball.

I figure you see if he actually comes out for the RB. If he does, set him up with an official, give him an offer and see what happens. He might be a bit... uh, interesting, but he's not a bad guy. Just an odd one.