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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

No real surprise here, but Selwyn Lymon is a Boiler($). With Mario and Savoy already in the fold and Bass also a likely commit (plus redshirt freshmen Morgan Trent and Doug Dutch), this one doesn't hurt too much, especially because Purdue is off the schedule the next two years.

This is a huge get for the Boilers, though. Their lack of a deep threat has hamstrung them badly the past few years against good defensive teams like UW and UM. In this year's Purdue game, Michigan spent the almost the entire game in press coverage and didn't get beat deep once (excepting the blown coverage where Scott McClintock ended up single covering George Jones). Lymon appears to be a Braylon Edwards-level freakish combo of size and speed. When was the last time Purdue had a reciever like that? Never. If Kirsch plays like he can, Purdue will take a step forward next year instead of the assumed step backward without Orton. They'll have a lot of defensive contributors returning. Dorien Bryant, Kyle Ingraham, and Lymon are a very solid, diverse set of recievers. They aren't playing OSU or UM. They're my early pick for Big Ten sleeper next year. (UM, OSU, and Iowa are the frontrunners.)