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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

General opinion is that UM will end up with between 19-21 recruits in this year's class. Michigan has 14 commitments so far (not counting CB Chris Richards, a greyshirt).

Brandon Harrison - Lemming's reported his commitment, we should know by tonight.
Brandon Logan - direct quotes have him saying Michigan leads.
Antonio Bass - unless someone convinces him he'll play (and stay) at QB. Everyone he knows from parents to coaches to AD wants him to go to UM.

James McKinney - hard to read, last update not particularly positive, but I still think we're ahead, if barely.
Victor Harris - VT supposed to be the favorite, but Lemming says they're hardly a factor, UVa leading? Family pull probably too strong to get him out of VA.
Marques Slocum - down to MSU and UM, has MSU in front, which is always frustrating. Reports are he is borderline as to qualifying.

Nic Harris - LSU.
Rico McCoy - don't think so.
Dace Richardson - Iowa.
David Moosman - Wisconsin.

Plan Bs
Trevor Anderson - undersized PSL 'backer with nonstop motor.
Chris Richards - perhaps un-greyshirted.

I don't know of any other Plan Bs on the radar. If you threatened to shoot me on the maybes, I'd say McKinney to UM, Slocum to MSU, and Harris to... well, I thought VT... no, can't homerize... UVa. So we may get word of an Engelmon-type sleeper. Overall, a class I'm happy with but not ecstatic about. Justin King would have made all the difference in the world.