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Monday, December 20, 2004

A lot has cleared up in the past few days and Michigan is almost done. Guys left:

  • James McKinney: UL is out after disastrous UL trip. Michigan is the one constant, but McKinney has been very hard to pin down. Guess: :)
  • Antonio Bass: UM, MSU, VT, LSU, per the LSJ. The place he's always wanted to be vs. a chance to play QB. Still believe it's UM in the end. Guess: :)
  • Marques Slocum: Won't announce until January 19th. Don't believe he'll end up here with a likely McKinney commitment. Guess: : (
  • Nic Harris: Has already made a decision but will not announce until signing day so he can write a column for a local paper. If he's already made his decision that's bad, because he's leaning towards LSU with its Saban-questions. I think that means that he's going to LSU no matter what, as a lot of LA kids do. Guess: : (

That leaves us with a class of 19 + greyshirt Chris Richards. PSL LB Trevor Anderson and PA S Sean Smalls remain outside possibilities if there's an extra ship. And there's usually a January surprise where some little-known dude commits out of nowhere.