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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dan Fardig and Brandon Naurato have committed to Michigan. That brings the class up to eight guys to replace ten. Neither guy is a big-time get... major hockey recruits who haven't chosen a school by now are by and large not blue-chippers. Blue-chippers often make very early decisions as they have to choose between the NCAA and Major Juniors.

Fardig graduated from Pioneer last year and has played a few games with the NTDP this year; Naurato played at CC like Moss and Kaleniecki and then went off to the USHL. He'll be 20 by the time he arrives on campus, which is par for the course for many programs but unusual for Michigan.

I think this may be another bad sign as relates to Kessel. We're filling up those forward slots awfully quick. We'll still make room for Kessel should he decide to become a Wolverine but the coaches are making plans like that's not going to happen.