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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So I typed "Zoltan Mesko" into Google and immediately got good results. More of our recruits should have names like Zoltan. Makes the linkfesting easy.

"Beautiful spiral on every punt"

Tiger senior gets leg up

I have to pull this:

However, the stakes were raised a month later when he attended the Michigan camp, averaged 48.5 yards per kick with an average hang time of 4.6 seconds and was offered a scholarship as a punter on the spot -- which he accepted less than
a day later.

Army All American Game Bio

Twinsburg Kicker's Plan Splits Uprights

With no pressure during Michigan's camp June 28, Mesko delivered a performance that garnered his scholarship. He saw fifth-year punter Adam Finley practicing by booting balls on the roof of UM's indoor practice facility. Finley's balls sailed halfway over. Mesko decided he'd give it a shot and kicked four in a row over the building.

``The coaches dropped their jaws,'' Mesko said. ``They were like, `We got to offer this kid.' ''

Hopefully the days of 35 yard line drives are over.

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Brett said...

Zoltan is the greatest punter in the history of football, Ray Guy better move over because Mesko is coming.