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Monday, January 10, 2005

It's coming. Permanent 12 game schedules. So remember that anyone opposed to a playoff who votes for this is a big hypocrite.

(My playoff scenario--everyone's got one--remove the Big East as an auto-qualifier, let one non-BCS team in every year, play the four bowls according to conference affiliations, and then play one extra game a week later at the Rose Bowl between two of the four winners, determined by a committee. Not really a playoff. Strikes a balance between tradition and moving forward.)

The Big Ten could hypothetically go to a fully round-robin schedule with the 12th game. That would allow teams a single warmup against a cupcake, a real non-con game, and then a full Big Ten slate. I think I'd rather see that than see UM play 3 MAC teams and ND every year. Doubt it will happen, though.