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Thursday, January 27, 2005

According to an email to student season ticket holders, the Athletic Department is going to start booting kids doing the CYA cheer. Consternation erupts!

I am torn by the whole thing. On one hand, the CYA cheer is profane, witless, and annoying. Hearing fratboys scream "c***sucker" is not my idea of a good time. I was appalled by the student section (where I still sit) when Berenson took to the ice with his nephew, pleaded with the crowd to stop the cheer, and was completely ignored. I mean, he only built the damn program from the ground up and transformed Yost from an empty barn into what it is today, there's no need to actually listen to the man. The students have brought this upon themselves.

On the other hand, this is probably the exact wrong way to go about fixing things. The AD has got it in their heads to punish, punish, punish, which is only going to piss the students off. Hockey tickets used to be pretty cheap and the students were treated well. Now they're half-pariah and paying $250 for a season ticket. The band got moved away from them and slashed in half. The club seats overhang the student seating, obstructing the views of kids in the last few rows. The AD has been screwing them a little harder each year. They're going to react to this very, very poorly, as you would too if you found yourself in their situation.

The AD needs to look at the situation and provide a little carrot with their stick. Promise to cut season ticket prices in half if the cheer goes away or gets altered to a PG (not PG-13) version of itself. Threaten to increase them to $18 a seat if the cheer doesn't go away. Then let them choose.