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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Here. Focuses more on the loss of the four big names (Shazor, Jackson, Baas, Edwards) than returning talent, actually saying "Chad Henne and Mike Hart can't play any better, can they?"

Uh... well, maybe Hart is very close to his theoretical maximum. But Henne will improve. It might not show in the stats as much because Braylon will be gone, but he'll be better with a year of experience. Possibly much better. I hate it when previews look at only the departures and not the returnees. Sure, Michigan loses the aforementioned four players, all first or second round picks, but who do they return... everyone else except Dudley, Curry and Manning.

The other thing they say: "there's too much work to be done on both sides of the line to be the favorite"... um, you mean the four returning starters on the o-line and the three returning starters on the d-line?

So they managed to screw up everything. The offense will be better (more consistent, less explosive) w/ sophomore Chad Henne. The special teams should be above average. The areas of concern on the defense are the linebackers and the secondary, not the line. Stock to put in this assessment: 0.

They also have Mike Hart #7 on their list of returning stars, if you're interested. No? Look, kid, I gotta post something. It's a blog, that's the way it works. Sometimes it's gold... sometimes it's this.