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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Apparently there's a proposal out there by Hockey Canada to restrict the number of Americans on CHL teams to one each. How exactly that will get worked out is questionable... especially because there are 9 CHL teams based in the US.

If the proposal goes through it can only benefit college hockey, as some Americans who would otherwise go to the CHL would have little choice but to play D1 hockey. But the CHL would probably face immediate legal challenges because of the US franchises. It would either have to back down, allow the US franchises an unlimited number of Americans, or withdraw from the US entirely. It would probably be an unmitigated disaster. The NCAA is not about to place a similar restriction on colleges so the net effect would be to help the level of competition in D1.

I can't ever see this actually happening because of the legal issues, but here's hoping.