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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ugh. No feel good.

Anyway. Nerves for RB are starting in earnest now. Iowa leads LSU 7-0, Wisconsin's got 2nd and 26 in the third down 10-6. Er, make that 3rd and 34.

1:33 PM: Georgia got its own version of the Immaculate Reception for a TD, Wisconsin down 11 now and shooting themselves in their collective foot. Lots. Iowa is playing very well against LSU.

1:36 PM: Iowa's killing Marcus Randall. If they had a running game this year they'd be unstoppable.

1:42 PM: Wisconsin 3 and out, punts from their own nine. They are in serious trouble. Need a stop here big time. May not be able to win without one. LSU driving on Iowa.

1:49 PM: Wisconsin had Georgia in 2nd and 20. 30 yard touchdown run for Georgia. Where is Wisconsin's d-line? Georgia's up 24-6. Ballgame. Focus entirely on the Iowa game.

1:56 PM: Wow. Iowa is dead last in rushing. #117 out of 117. Iowa three and out.

2:03 PM: LSU gets the ball on Iowa's 45, goes 15 yards, and gets a 47 yard field goal. 7-6 Iowa Big series coming up for Iowa; they don't need to score put they do need to flip the field. And somehow Wisconsin scored a TD. And GA screwed up the return, it's at the one foot line. Big opportunity for UW here.

2:25 PM: Iowa just blocked a punt with 1:12 left in the first half and Considine housed it. Iowa 14-6. Their D is dominating, they're getting big plays in special teams. Wisconsin shanked a field goal and took a drive starting at the Georgia 31 and turned it into a 3rd and 14 Stocco fumble. Wisconsin's defense is finally showing up but Stocco can't move the ball against the Georgia D.

2:36 PM: Wisconsin had first and goal and Pollack just ended the game with a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery all in one motion. LSU got a 74 yard touchdown on a "we give up" run at the end of the half. Holy crap! Wisconsin just pick-sixed a screen pass! They get the two point conversion on a deflection. It's not over.

2:43 PM: Put up or shut up for the UW defense now. Looks like it's shut up. Erasmus James has done nothing to the point where even Mark Jones can tell. GA gashing UW, into field goal range.

2:47 PM: There's a 1:57 left in the UW game, and Wisconsin calls timeout. Bob Davie: "Great use of a timeout by Wisconsin to stop the clock." What? You were actually coach of a major college football team and you think that using a timeout to stop the clock late in a game in which you're trailing is clever? Wisconsin actually screwed up their clock management by not taking their timeouts as soon as possible. Now it's third down and Georgia can run or throw because UW will just take a timeout if they run.

2:50 PM: Wow. 4th and inches for Georgia. They should go for it. It ENDS THE GAME if they get it.