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Sunday, January 09, 2005

This is mighty surprising. Two wins against a WMU team with a .500 record and we fly up 5 spots in the Pairwise. In reality we are still third because RPI is used as the tiebreaker. I usually take a good hard look at the individual comparisons late in the season to see where the chips can possibly fall but it's too early to make any sense out of them.

One thing I am pretty sure of is that #3 is about our limit unless CC or Minnesota absolutely fall apart. We will not pass Minnesota unless our RPI passes theirs since we have lost to them. They have a huge, huge lead on us right now, at 0.636 to our 0.584. CC is at 0.623. We will have to greatly exceed their win percentage to catch them since they are playing brutal WCHA schedules.

I look at PWR as an attempt to tweak RPI rankings, as your RPI rank is almost always your PWR rank within a couple spots. CC and Minnesota are so far ahead right now that it'll take an epic collapse to prevent those two teams from being the #1 seeds in the west. Which means that we will either be a #2 seed or a #1 out east.

Looking towards the bottom of the chart I see WMU and Miami barely hanging on to TUC status. Should they lose that status we'll lose our 4-0 record against them in that category and probably slide down a spot or two.