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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hockey beat Western 6-4 last night. Second half of a home and home is tonight in Kalamazoo. Tonight's game is on Fox Sports Detroit at 8.

Game last night was more of the same: the forwards were largely great, the defense and Montoya were shaky. Western's only even strength goal came a few minutes into the game off a brutal Jason Dest turnover. The other three goals were power play markers, one of which was a pretty soft shot that went five-hole on an unscreened Montoya. I am Officially Concerned about Montoya. He seems to be throwing himself all over the crease haphazardly.

Western is also more of the same, with a whole boatload of little skilled forwards but no clue on defense and a mediocre goalie. And a travelling band of screeching harpies. I kind of root for Western because they play an entertaining brand of hockey, but they always end up in the middle of the CCHA.

Gajic, Tambellini, and Hensick all had great games. Gajic is unrecognizable compared to himself a couple years ago. He was banging and crashing again last night, working over the smaller Western players. Oh, yeah, he also finished with 3 points. Tambellini was firing shots whenever he got the opportunity (he ended up with nine) and scored a couple of goals, one a bomb from just inside the blueline off a clean faceoff win by Ebbett, the other a tight angle shot that was pretty soft. And Hensick was Hensick.

Tonight's game should be another high scoring funfest.