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Monday, January 17, 2005

Sweep UAF, drop to #4 in the Pairwise. Which is probably where we should have been anyway. We lost a lot of TUC wins when Miami and LSSU dropped below .500 RPI.

Our win against BU is keeping us above them, otherwise we would be the top #2 seed. BU's only 13-9-0 but have the third best RPI in the country... go figure. Our only real chance to get out to GR is if the commitee decides that since CC is going to have to fly somewhere anyway and they can't go to the nearest regional if Minnesota is a #1 (Minnesota is the host), that it doesn't really make a difference if they're in Grand Rapids or Massachusetts. And since it would make a difference to Michigan (and the NCAA... $$$$), they might ship CC out east and give us a GR regional.