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Thursday, January 13, 2005

ISS's January top ten NHL draft prospects is out; Jack Johnson is still #2 behind Crosby. He, uh, probably won't pass Crosby, I'm thinking.

Also, they have this note on Cogliano in their "Rising" category:

Cogliano is a Michigan recruit and although it can be difficult evaluating players in the Ontario Tier 2 league, ISS believes that Cogliano has the tools to become a good player at the next level. His speed is incredible and his ability to find teammates makes him an attractive prospect. Although some may question his competition level at the Tier 2 level, we at ISS do not. We feel that he has game breaking abilities as was illustrated at last years World Under-18 Championship where he led the tournament in scoring. We also commend Cogliano for remaining true to his word about attending Michigan because the St. Michaels Majors of the OHL have made incredible offers to him to join the OHL but he has refused on the grounds that he has committed to Michigan. ISS would like to see more kids (and teams for that matter) remain true to their word and honor commitments.
Cogliano was getting some early press as a potential top-10 pick himself. That probably won't happen due to the level of competition he's playing at and his size, but it sounds like somewhere in the 10-20 range is a possibility. He should be an instant star at the collegiate level.