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Friday, January 14, 2005

And they remain as dumb as usual. That links you to a USCHO thread with college players helpfully picked out and not the password-requiring CSB site.

Michigan summary:
5. Jack Johnson
47. Jason Bailey
83. Zach McVoy
87. Andrew Cogliano (!)
94. TJ Hensick (!)
135. Tim Miller

Please note that this is a list of North American-only skaters. Probably 40% of selected players are euros who get their own list. Essentially they are saying that Cogliano and Hensick are worth 6th round picks. I will eat my hat if either gets past the middle of the second round.

But if the CSB wants to continue horrifically underrating small players and slanting their lists heavily towards good old Canuck farm boys, go right ahead.