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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This thread has this post, which explains how I've been feeling about Montoya this year better than I've ever been able to do so.


What do you expect from a top ranked goaltender?
Like a shortstop, you expect them to make all the routine saves, avoid errors, (soft goals) and steal a few he that would be expected to score.
Has he done that? No.
He goes on to dissect Montoya's game. He seems to have an idea what he's talking about, but since I don't I can't really tell. What I do know is that a ton of pucks are going through Montoya. When a Western or Russian dude roofs one top corner, that's a bonus save for him to make. But anything, anything that goes through an arm or the five-hole is a soft goal unless you are moving from one edge of the goal to the other edge. And through the first half of this year and the WJC, I have seen an absolute $*&#load of pucks go through him.

But, as this Michael Spath post indicates, Montoya's the guy. Ruden will only see action of Montoya is down a limb or two. So get well soon.