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Monday, February 14, 2005

That's "more of the same" for the acronymally challenged.

Nailed by MSU. Same old (accurate) song about injuries and general short-handedness in the News. DOT says that Andrews may have a degenerative condition that hampers his running.

I could rehash my stance (Amaker obviously can't be judged on this year but things I see disturb me greatly) but you've heard that before, too. One new thing I can add is that I had my concerns nicely summarized by a single sequence against MSU: Michigan's gone on a nice little run to get it down to ten with a few minutes left in the game and plays an excellent defensive sequence that results in Neitzel jacking up an off-balance prayer of a three with time expiring on the shot clock. He bricks it, but no one boxes out Alan Anderson, he gets the offensive rebound, and MSU runs another 30 seconds off the clock before AA cans a short jumper.

What is Amaker doing during practice? I hope it's more than "let's play really good this weekend, guys!" followed by Abram raising his hand and saying "let's play well, Coach," followed by Amaker saying "Yeah! That's the ticket!"

I dunno, I like my student-athletes to be scared #$%*less by their coach. I mean, not Bobby Knight scared, but Red Berenson scared. I could see Amaker in a Care Bears episode as Friendly Mr. Coachy.

"Fundamentals make my tummy ouch."