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Monday, February 07, 2005


Ok, ok. I'll stop with the alliteration. "The Lamest Dynasty In Sports" declares Robert Weintraub... and also the only one going right now. Unless you want to count USC, but I think we're a year or two off from that. I love it that when a team based around a prima-donna star like Kobe is winning, everyone complains about how blah blah blah individualism is blah blah blah ruining everything. And then when a team concept like the Pats or Pistons takes off everyone is blah blah blah boring.

When you get paid to write, you gotta write something, I guess. But why this instead of an actual Heartwarming Trend: teams built around, you know, being a team winning? The Pistons took out the Lakers. The Pats are a dynasty, lame though they may be. Maybe you could make a case for the Red Sox finally ending the Yankee's daddiosity. Hockey, well... if it existed, Calgary vs. Tampa Bay? Mmmm, that's some good small market. Why isn't anyone screaming "Ding, dong, the witches are dead?"

Maybe it's because most of the people who write these things live in those big markets. So when they suck they claim things are "boring." Boring is 42-10 blowouts. I've seen boring in the Super Bowl, and the last few years? Not boring. So screw you, Weintraub!