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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not so fast on saying "not so fast," says Hockey Canada.

Er... basically they didn't do anything. And they probably won't. Some interesting numbers in the article, though. 55 Americans play in the 20-team OHL. 20 of those play on the three US teams. So there are 35 Americans spread out over 17 teams, let's see, limit the number of Americans to two per team and you get a grand total of one dude going home. Or, more likely, going to play on a team based in the US. Sure, some teams have a lot of Americans (power London has five), but unless you're going to be really picky about which barren, frozen Canadian hamlet you would like to while away the flower of your youth in, no one is going to end up in the NCAA because of this.

Also, Bobby Ryan sounds like he's been sniffing too much moose: "We look up to Canadian hockey. All Americans, when they get drafted, it's something they look forward to, being a part of a program in Canada, especially in the OHL."

Uh, Bobby, unless by "up" you mean "northward" I think you're quite mistaken. And even if you do mean northward, well, Detroit still looks south towards Windsor.