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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Daily reports that Brown and Rohlfs will return this weekend. A little boost for an important road series against UNO. Reilly Olson will obviously return to the pressbox, but I wonder if Charlie Henderson (scored a goal against MSU) will finally move ahead of Woodford (assisted on a goal against Michigan) and get some more playing time.

I know that he's not the defensive player that Woodford is, but you put him out there and he scores goals, gives all out effort, and oh, doesn't throw the puck up his own middle with 2:30 remaining in a game. Or take dumb penalties. With Brown and Rohlfs back the team can afford to give up a little size. Charlie Henderson for President!

Update: I forgot about this little beauty of a line: "Rohlfs was tested for mono around the same time Brown was. After feeling sick for a couple weeks, Rohlfs looked up his symptoms on the Internet." I hereby offer up the official Michigan Hockey Player Medical Diagnosis Website.