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Friday, February 18, 2005

My car is in the shop and I don't get CSTV so I'm sort of stuck watching this OSU-MSU hockey game, rooting for Michigan State. They're leading 3-0 and dominating the second period. Vicari has made a number of grade A stops and looks very steady. Michigan's leading ND 3-1. If these scores hold up you can drop another CCHA champions banner at Yost, because Michigan isnt going to drop two of three against ND and BGSU with two at home.

They showed a couple Michigan highlights, including Notre Dame's goal which featured an absolutely bizarre decision process by Montoya where he didn't go butterfly on a very close in chance, instead deciding to kick at the puck from a standing position and drift out of the net, allowing the ND player an open net. What was he thinking? I can't even imagine how that seems like a good idea.

Man. Vicari is just swallowing pucks like Charlie Weis at a Chinese buffet. (Cheap shot!) MSU killed off about 1:30 of 5x3; afterwards Vicari batted away a couple of rocket shots like it was nothing.