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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tyler Swystun is apparently accelerating to '05 and Michigan may be in the lead for him. tbarr's second-hand scouting report is linked. Possibly a Kessel backup plan; sounds like a damn fine one.


Chris said...

That would certainly make up for losing out on a chance at Bertram or Chucko last year when Michigan didn't have any scholarships to hand out. I thought it was wishful thinking when Swystun first popped up on the Michigan interest list, but now it looks pretty good. Gotta say I'm pumped about having a blue chippah back-up plan for Kessel.

Brian said...

I am too. I agree with tbarr's comments: I like this upcoming class a lot but without Kessel it's a little thin on guys who can put up a PPG. Swystun sounds like he's that type of player.