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Friday, February 04, 2005

There's a three page thread about Michigan QBs on the PSU site. No, I don't know why. There's one guy claiming that he's cut up a ton of tape for SD-based quarterbacks; he says that Forcier is obviously better than Gutz or Richard. Take that with a grain of salt, methinks.

Also, MarshCreek does his usual Michigan bashing, and quotes an Ohio newspaper article concerning the recruitment of Ohio Jr. QB Mike Hartline wherein Hartline says that Loeffler told him Gutz may not return from a shoulder injury and Richard may transfer. Sounds like "maybe" means "these things could happen but they're unlikely". Not like Hartline really has to be concerned with Gutz anyway, since he'll be a fifth-year senior when Hartline is a true freshman. FYI, I wouldn't get your hopes up on Hartline. His brother just signed a LOI with OSU on Wednesday. We'll probably end up looking elsewhere for our QB.