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Monday, February 07, 2005

Folks, mgoblog has a policy against swearing. For the children. But if it did not, I would call out Andy Reid for the most shameless display of bull... uh... stuff I've seen from a flagrantly dumb coach in a long, long time.

This is what Reid said when questioned about this clock management after the game: "Well, we we're trying to hurry up. It was the way things worked out."

WHAT? WHAT? You should get the old Bobby Williams "I can't believe our head coach could ever say something that dumb" heave-ho for that one. You got the ball back with 5:40 do go and managed to score... on a 13 play drive! McNabb was dumping it off to friggin' fullbacks and then going back in the huddle down ten points. Absolutely flagrant clock management, and in the Super Bowl of all places.

It just goes to show you that smart beats dumb even if dumb has an edge in athleticism and talent. Witness Brady vs. McNabb. Not that McNabb is particularly dumb, but a Brady mistake is rarer than a Spartan Rose Bowl. And witness Belichick vs. well, Anyone. Compare and contrast Belichick's team engineering two Super Bowl-winning drives against the abomination foisted upon us by Reid and the Eagles.

If you had to take one play that represented this year's Super Bowl, it's the Eagles with first and ten and about 45 seconds on the clock. McNabb drops back, escapes from a defender, can't find anyone to throw it to, and dumps it off to some big gumpy white dude about two yards past the line of scrimmage. He catches it. He gains three yards. Game over. Dumb, dumb, dumb. McNabb needed to throw it 20 yards downfield and pray. No matter how good the coverage was.

Aaanyway. I think our basketball team is also dumb. But more on that later if I decide I hate myself.


Anonymous said...

"big gumpy" was westbrook. he only gained 1 yard. lineman was right behind him and fell on him when he caught the ball. regardless, wtf was mcnabb doing trowning a dump off and 2 what was west doing catchin it?

i remember when i was like 15 and the situation was similar at stadium and main. i think it was the va game w alezander. anyhow the qb gets pressure, dumps it to a rb who knocks it down instead of cathcin it. they won the game within the next 2 plays.

Brian said...

I must have been thinking of another play in the previous drive with the gumpy guy.

I do remember the game you were talking about, and it was that UVA Kickoff Classic. Tyrone Butterfield (wearing #1!) dropped that pass. Best play he ever made.