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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Michigan signee Jerret Smith and Michigan target Deshawn Sims faced off last night in a regional playoff game with Smith's Romulus team winning 82 to 68.

A couple of good threads with first hand observations on the game have popped up on the Wolverine message board. In conclusion: Smith's better than Dani Wohl. But only just. Erratic shooting, lax defense, and seven turnovers are all mentioned. There are good sides to his game, too... but Smith is not going to be a program savior. Or even a starter, probably.

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Chris said...

You're a little harder on Smith than I am. Maybe he can't shoot, but he wasn't recruited to do that. He was recruited to be a throwback-type point guard that just runs the offense. I feel dirty for saying this, but maybe he'll be like Mateen Cleaves. Smith's sole purpose will be to dish the ball off on fast breaks to guys like K'Len Morris and Jevohn Shepherd. That's all he needs to do. The turnovers are problematic, but given some experience, I'm sure he can drop those numbers a little.

I wouldn't worry too much about the defense either. Defense is all about effort, and there's nobody better to get that type of effort out of him than Tommy Amaker.

He's certainly far from a finished product, but Smith should be a net gain for Michigan. It just may take a couple of years for him to really shine.