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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Braylon didn't run at the combine, but by all accounts he's making a run at the #1 overall pick. Apparently he walked into the weight room when the running backs were doing their benches and ripped off an impressive 22 reps for no reason--wideouts are not required (or asked) to do benches. Kiper has him #2 and with Mike Williams' mediocre 40s at the combine he's a lock to be the first WR taken. Given the questions around Rodgers and Smith, who both look more like Joey Harrington than Peyton Manning to me, and a guy who's obviously a ridiculous athlete with spectacular downfield ability... well, that might look pretty good to a San Francisco team that needs everything.

Marlin Jackson ran between a 4.55 and 4.6 on the slow RCA Dome track and tested well in all the other drills, but people seem to have mixed opinions on him. I think some team will overlook that 40 time and get him late in the first round and they'll be getting a steal. Marlin, when given the opportunity, is an excellent physical corner. He's got enough speed.

Baas' strength, versatility, and intelligence have him the #1 or #2 interior lineman on most boards. Scouts, Inc. said($) Baas " improved his stock as much as or more than any player at this year's combine to date." He'll probably go in the first half of the second, but Scouts said he could sneak into the late first round.

Shazor? No buzz around him, really. He may look like a LB/SS tweener at the moment I don't believe he ran at the combine. He'll do so at Michigan's pro day. A good time is critical for him. If he can run very well, people will look at a 6'4" guided missile and overlook his occasional coverage issues.

This site has Braylon at 2, Bass at 24, Marlin at 39, and Shazor at 57. They make it clear that their list is not a draft order projection but rather an "NFL success" projection. Which is a total copout.