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Monday, March 07, 2005

Wow. AJ Thelen has been "dismissed" from the MSU team. Rumors abound on the internet that his dismissal was at his own choosing.

Thelen, of course, was easily State's best player last year, singlehandedly holding together a thin and inexperienced blueline as an accelerated freshman. He parlayed that performance into a top-10 NHL draft pick (Minnesota). Then... well he showed up out of shape and unmotivated and played like crap all year. And now he's gone, leaving Comley with exactly zero impact players in his recruiting classes.

Thelen had this to say (from the Minneapolis Star-Trib): "I feel the coach has double standards for certain players. I definitely was confident in my schooling and academics was not a problem. I've been eligible all season and would have been next season. He's set in his ways. I tried to work with him and he tried to work with me and it didn't work out."

Could Comley get Willinghammed? Probably not, unless Ash Goldie drags a cop down the street with his car. But he's driving State straight into the ground. It doesn't take a Michigan education to see he's not the man for the job.