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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Friggin' finally. Blogger has been very naughty for a day and a half, thus prohibiting me from showering you with... uh, information. Or whatever. Aaaanyway.

The basketball team managed to acker away their BTT game against Northwestern a few hours ago. Now we can stop pretending the basketball season is over, because it's actually over. Next year we will have three freshmen, Abram, and Horton back. Better days are coming.

The All-CCHA teams were announced. Tambellini and Hensick are on the first team. Hunwick is on the second. Nystrom and Rogers are honorable mention. Werner and Montoya(!) recieved votes. Montoya got a single third-place vote from some coach trying to be a wiseass, no doubt. My money's on Crazy Frank Anazalone, who once told me to "shut the #$&* up" when I politely suggested he should stop whining to the referee. I'll miss that guy when he has a brain hemorrhage.

Anyway, I can't argue with the placement of any of Michigan's players. Tambellini and Hensick were obvious selections. Hunwick and Rogers are both excellent college players. Good to see Nystrom get some recognition too, even though his point totals don't jump off the page at you.

It's conference tourney time in college hockey and the number of games left in the season is coming down to the point where people can start running sims to see where their teams will end up. Most interestingly, Wisconsin, who not long ago was tied with Michigan for 6th, is in serious danger of missing the tournament. The vagaries of the retarded PWR system and the hair-breadth of UW's lead over several teams mean it may actually behoove UW to lose its opening round playoff series versus UAA. UAA would presumably then become a TUC and UW's (projected) 4-2 or 5-2 record over the Seawolves would push their ~.500 TUC upwards enough to hold off challengers.