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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I dunno. All three major sports are finished this year. Spring practice is in full swing, but information regarding said practice is generally either premium or non-existent. Recruiting will probably trundle along sleepily until the mid-summer camp.

I have these things on my plate for the spring and summer: a "State of the Program" for both basketball and hockey, a Hockey Recruiting Blowout(!), NFL draft coverage as it relates to Wolverines (and, cough, the Lions), and any targets of opportunity that present themselves. So. Be on the lookout for three to four diatribes you could print out and stun a water buffalo with, but hugely substantive posting is probably going to be on the low side, since news of substance will probably be scarce. I was hoping to make this post in two weeks, but apparently God has decided that this is the year of Extremely Painful Michigan Sports... Rose Bowl, basketball disaster, CC game... Worst. Year. Ever.

Worst in the Sports-Guy "stomach punch" sense, that is, not the Bobby Williams "49-3" sense. But you knew that already.

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Anonymous said...

Softball team is #1 and on a 31-game winning streak and the Baseball team is 15-3 with wins over two top 10 teams.

Could there be some summer success on the diamonds for Michigan this year???

Nah, I'm sure it's just another tease.