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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Do you have a pencil? Suggestion... print out this handy list of Michigan's '06 recruits:

  1. K'len Morris

And write in "Tory Jackson." (In pencil, mind.) At least, that's what the Wolverine would have you believe, what with the title of this($) article: "Tory Jackson: I was ready to commit." That's a strong statement, especially for the title of an article. Usually they're like "Tory Jackson: Does he still have all his limbs? FIND OUT INSIDE!"

Also, the Rivals 100 dudes think DeShawn Sims is "Michigan's to lose." So things are back to the status they were a couple weeks ago, before a day with a couple of articles that sent those who follow these things into a tizzy.

Now for the standard disclaimer: Crawford blah blah blah Hairston blah blah blah Horford blah doesn't mean anything until they sign doesn't matter until they step on the court anything can happen recruiting is a crazy game.

The summer AAU circuit is now in full swing and the gurus are watchin'. Rivals' Top 150 will be updated soon and it sounds like you can expect Sims and Jackson to rise. Sims may end up in the top 20. Michigan target Matt Shaw will probably drop like a stone. David Lighty will probably drop as well--he tore his ACL a few months ago. Herzog? Probably static.

Also: Michigan PG target Scotty Reynolds beamed up to Oklahoma. Har har har.

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Anonymous said...

Crawford blah blah blah Hairston blah blah blah Horford blah not over til Fat Lady sings still a long ways to go kids change their minds all the time amaker can't recruit blah blah blah.