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Monday, April 25, 2005

Jim Carty managed to write something that didn't call out Lloyd Carr. Ernest Shazor calls himself "the best safety in the country" in the Detroit News (except for that one dude from Albany... he's good!).

This Cleveland Plain-Dealer article features this bizarre passage: "By the time Edwards was 12, Stan knew he'd play in the NFL. Instead of fighting it, he joined him." Um... I don't think many parents who 'know' their kid will play in the NFL freak out and say "oh no! He's going to buy us Bentleys! Quick, break his legs!" It also says this: "[Edwards] also aspires to be a model." I need that {whoah} emoticon from the RCMB.

Found it!

This article from Indianapolis... well, I excerpt:

[Jackson is] the first cornerback taken by the Colts in the first round since 1984 when they used the first pick in their Indy era, No. 8 overall, on Vanderbilt's Leonard Coleman. Ironically, the only other time the team used the draft's 29th overall pick, in 1992, it also opted for a corner -- Mississippi Valley State's Ashley Ambrose.
Don't those two sentences directly contradict each other? Am I crazy? I had to read that paragraph three times... thanks for nothing, Indianapolis Star!

Update: I am crazy. In 1992 the 29th pick was a second-rounder. That's still confusing as hell.

Update II: This AA News article has more on Shazor and notes that he's signed with Arizona. It also mentions that Markus Curry signed with the Chargers and Roy Manning signed with Green Bay.