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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And it all started with googling "Jason Avant." I ended up here:

That's Lamarr Woodley as a high school senior. Yes, he's eating a football.

Also, check the column headline from this edition of the Daily immediately following the UM-MSU basketball game that UM actually won:

Yeesh. (I grabbed both these photos from dude used to work for the Daily. Hire him, so he doesn't sue me.)

Then there's this:

Uh. No comment on that one. It exists. That is enough. Also, did you know that the Purdue student newspaper is actually called the Exponent? I shi'ite you not. I feel much more secure in my belief that I am nowhere near the dorkiest person in a three state radius.

What does any of this have to do with Jason Avant? Very little. Also, mgoblog showed up on page 29. I find this disappointing, both in that I got to page 29 and that I didn't find me before then. Goal for football season... page 20!