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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The rumblings have been that the 12 game schedule was going to be a go for a while now and they are coming to fruition. Wow, awkward sentence there. I'll do better next time. Editing is against the blogging ethos, you know.

Final word on whether Michigan will get to schedule another MAC team in '06 and beyond will come on April 28th.


ziggy said...

hey, your sites real interesting. i like the color selection. i started a site of own on michigan state's basketball teams. check it out if you can. i havent done much with it though. could you give me a little advice? im a starter at this kinda stuff. thanks!

Brian said...

Biggest thing I can say is update a lot. Put time into it and it'll show. Try to give people analysis and content they won't get elsewhere... there's a lot of statistical basketball stuff that blogs are picking up on that's interesting. Check Big Ten Wonk's archives.