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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Baseball America's current tourney projection features Michigan as a three seed taking on North Carolina. That's a remarkable turnaround from earlier in the year, when Michigan was mired in last place in the Big Ten and looking set to blow a 16-3 start to the season. Since a 4-1 loss to Illinois that dropped them to 2-9 in conference play Michigan is 21-3 and is now streaking into the postseason as one of the hottest teams in the country. Jim Brauer ended up the Big Ten's pitcher of the year. Junior second-baseman Jason Getz and senior pitcher Michael Penn joined him on the all conference team.

Michigan starts play in the Big Ten tournament in about an hour, taking on Ohio State in Champaign. You can listen live right here.

The softball team went from 55-4 over the weekend to 58-4 by totally wastifying Canisus (8-1), Seton Hall (5-0), and North Carolina (6-0). This weekend they take on #21 Washington in a 3-game series. You could watch it on TV, but it's in Ann Arbor so that would be dumb if you were in the area. Series starts at seven on Friday.

Update: The baseball team managed to lose to OSU in 13 innings and now faces the prospect of having to win six straight to win the Big Ten tournament. Bleah. Michigan's probably already in the NCAA tournament; 40 wins appears to be the magic number for outrage at your exclusion, and Michigan has 40. But a couple wins would reassure everyone--best not to leave it to the committee.

Update II: Hey, remember that Baseball America projection from up there? It's now on ESPN... ESPN Insider! Dude? Dude.