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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Steve Schrader's latest in the Free Press:

"The Pistons might be down, 2-1, but they still have their fans -- and all over the world, not just the nasty ones at the Palace that Heat coach Stan Van Gundy was talking about.

For example, somebody pointed out a Japanese fan site -- -- devoted to them."
Schrader then offers the translations kindly provided to mgoblog by a reader. So... it's cool that GO! PISTONS is getting some mainstream press, but... "somebody"? Aren't they supposed to attribute things after Albomgate?

I am annoyed. An email has been dispatched. An email of fury!

Update: Returning to the amigofriends site reveals that Miki, the proprietor, has posted the English translations of her Japanese honorifics. So Schrader probably never ended up here. Someone probably emailed him the link sans blog reference, which is a shame, because that means he missed all the Reggie Miller creepiness.