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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

So, Maceo Baston plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, who just won their second consecutive European Championship and came home to this:

Yow! Good on yer, Maceo. Perusing his "deatiled" stats reveals something about the level of competition he played at, though: it is muy baddo. Maceo shot 77 percent in the "Premier League" (probably the Israeli domestic league) and 68 percent in the EuroLeague! Flabbergasting. My flabber is totally gasted.

My favorite part of the whole thing? Under Baston's personal information it says this: "Married to Yolanda + 2." Yolanda + 2? What does that mean? What can that possibly mean?

(Hat tip: yocohoops via the ACC Basketblog and the New England Patriots)

Update: Check out this extensive scouting report on Maceo. Sounds like he could be back in the NBA next season.