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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I've been scoping out blogs of relevance in order to praise them and link to them so they will do the same to me, boosting both my self-esteem and traffic. (I figure if both of those things of mine get high enough I will become Russell Crowe.)

I've found a couple of excellent local blogs that I would (and do!) link to even if they think I suck and never return the compliments/flowers/slave children:

Blue Cats and Red Sox is written by a Bostonian transplanted to UM for Art School. A girl, even! She's probably completely insane, but she likes sports and Franz Ferdinand. And she writes a friggin' TON. It's unbelievable. I am in the process of not believing it right now. Right now it's all Red Sox and Tigers but I figure when there is no baseball there may even be Michigan related content. I mean, who would write about Michigan when no one was playing any games? A freak, that's who.

The Detroit Tigers Weblog is not creatively named, but it is excellent. It's even got statistical regression charts! This is not a selling point for you? Oh. Well, it's also got a lot of interesting content... but you're probably going to be pissed off if you hate charts, because they're coming here eventually. So go over there now.