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Friday, May 20, 2005

While I'm out scouring the internet for goofy pictures of NBA players, The Blue-Gray Sky is putting me to shame. They've posted an awesome rundown of the top 50 recruits from the 2002 class. They classify players as injured, MIA (due to academics or bashin' people in the head), overrated, or basically correct. Only one Michigan recruit checks in on the list, #35 Gabe Watson. He gets a "correct" rating.

I had to double-check that, thinking that surely mighty Michigan reeled in more than one top-fifty player, but they're right. Watson was around #35 in the country. Matt Gutierrez checked in at #98. Those were the only two players Michigan landed in the top 100. Michigan's class that year ended up pretty ugly. Watson, Jason Avant, Steve Breaston, and Ruben Riley are the only guys who have contributed significantly up to this point. Jeremy Van Alystyne, David Harris, Carl Tabb, and Mike Kolodziej have been fringe contributors and will probably be useful players, perhaps starters, if they can stay healthy. The rest? Bupkis.

I wish they had classified players with a little more detail. Both Florida's Deshawn Wynn and Virginia's Kai Parham get dinged with "overrated," but Wynn has been a complete bust and Parham has been a steady performer. Maybe the gurus overrated Parham a bit but he's no waste of space. A minor quibble... the professionalism of BGS is astounding. Every post is a mechanically perfect brick of enlightenment. But has BGS ever shown you this: