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Friday, May 06, 2005

INCH has an article up quoting ND alum and current Gopher coach Don Lucia that he expects ND's next coach to be none other than... Jeff flippin' Jackson! Why am I exclaiming and questioning all over this post, you ask?

Well, Jackson coached Lake State two national championships in the early 90s, presiding over the heyday of the Laker program. When he departed the job he moved over to the NTDP and then the OHL. He was rumored a candidate for the Michigan State job but he wanted no part of the NCAA's restrictions on recruiting and practices--he was openly dismissive of the whole idea even though Jackson is a Spartan alum!

And now he's back? At Notre Dame, a school that plays in one of the worst facilities in DI hockey? A school that broke its NCAA tournament cherry last year and then proceeded to flip belly-up and die this year? Quick, ND, sign this guy to a 20 year contract before he sobers up. Jackson won three-quarters of his games with the Lakers and only a miraculous Maine comeback in 1993 prevented him from winning three straight NCAA titles. He's good, good enough turn Notre Dame into a power if he can get a new building.


Update: Another, less optimistic take can be found at "CCHA and WCHA Info."

Update II: Jackson is official.