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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Da Chairman" over at prepspotlight checks in with the latest on Michigan's 2006 class(free reg req.). He predicts Sims, Jackson, and Herzog to Michigan, nothing earth-shattering, but encouraging nonetheless after those persistent Sims-to-Syracuse rumors popped up again on various message boards. All three have been playing well in AAU tournaments recently.

Chair also shares something vague but new: it's the general consensus that Michigan leads for a "terrific" 2007 recruit. Two names keep popping up as the front-runners for the best in-state players in that class, Dar Tucker and Alex Legion. Tucker is widely regarded as a MSU lean... Legion may be the "terrific" '07 recruit. Way too early to do anything but file it away as interesting, but boy do I love filing things away as interesting. And how.