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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The submission form can be found here.

Find your blog in the selection list and select it, enter your password, then paste your hunk of text into the leftmost text field, one team per line. Any errors will be picked out by the form and you'll be given suggestions on how to fix them.

About the names: There's a list of accepted names you can see at the far right of the submission form. In general it's simple: the name of the university without "University of" or "____ University" anywhere in it. Michigan is Michigan. Michigan State is Michigan State. Notre Dame is Notre Dame. For some schools it's not so simple:

  • Some schools are so commonly known by (unique) abbreviations that they are preferred instead: UCLA, UNLV, UAB, UTEP, SMU, TCU.
  • "California" is always abbreviated "Cal."
  • "Mississippi" is abbreviated "Miss" ONLY in "Southern Miss". Mississippi is Mississippi, not Ole Miss.
  • In the unlikely event you end up voting for Louisiana-Monroe or Louisiana-Lafayette, use the dash as shown.
  • The Miami schools are Miami (Ohio) and Miami (Florida). One space. Parentheses.
The form's designed such that you should be able to copy and paste your poll into it from your blog as long as you follow these rules:
  • If you have a leading number, it must be separated from the team name with at least one space. Only one 'word' is hacked off the front, so don't put whitespace between stuff like so: "1 ) " XXXX NO NO NO YOU SUCK.
  • If you have snarky commentary text it must be separated from the team name with a colon(:) or dash(-). Additional requests for separating characters can be accomodated unles they're carets. No goddamn caret symbols.
  • For example: " 1. Michigan: CHAD HENNE IS TEH HOTTTTT " Note that leading and trailing spaces are no big deal.
  • Cutting and pasting tables should be okay, too.
  • Line order counts. If you have an empty line the form will interpret that as team String.Empty and tell you you screwed up.
The form will catch misspelling and duplicates and ask you to fix things. If you have problems email me.