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Monday, June 13, 2005

Reader Jim Meitz emailed me about this charity eBay auction of a Michigan helmet signed by a large portion of this year's team (and 1997's linebacker-crushing fullback, Chris Floyd):

All proceeds go to the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. Big ballers, don't miss this opportunity! mgoblog thinks that when you can get something signed by BJ Opong-Owusu you don't pass that chance up. Plus, if you should ever be chatting up Julianne Moore in a bar or something, it certainly won't hurt your chances with her.

Update: This is the blog equivalent of a bump. Just a reminder about this fabulous charity auction.

Update: One final notifier... only four hours left on the auction. Remember: a chance to score with Julianne Moore! You can be just like The Dude!