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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At three tomorrow, Frozen Four bids through 2012 will be doled out, according to USCHO's front page. That means that *four* bids will be given out to the six bidding cities (St. Paul, Boston, DC, Tampa, Philadephia, and Detroit). What can that mean? I don't know. But I do know that I'm going to be seriously pissed if Detroit doesn't get a bid. Michigan, home to eight D-I programs, hasn't hosted the Frozen Four since 1990.

Boston and St. Paul got bids. They just did. They'll always get bids. That leaves DC, Tampa, Philadelphia, and Detroit fighting for two. I can't think of a reason that they would change plans and extend four bids right now unless there was significant friction from an important part of the committee, and the only bid that could seriously put up a complaint is Detroit. DC, Tampa, and Philly have no programs in close proximity and are in states that have no hockey tradition at all. I think what happened is this: the committee picked three cities, Michigan hockey threw a hissy fit, and the committee caved: Detroit will get a bid.

Just speculation, but we'll find out tomorrow afternoon.