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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I just need a name for it. Suggestions are being taken.

Click-equivalent-run, don't click-equivalent-walk over to Straight Bangin' for a dystopian vision of internet obsession that even mgoblog hasn't reached yet:

I woke up at least four times last night because I was having a nightmare in which Michigan lost its season-opening game against (the) Ohio State (joke of a) University.
Dude. Vijay at IBFC also has a schedule proposal that will never ever happen even though it should.

GBW has an article on incoming CB recruit Chris Richards. Richards has joined the Brandon Harrison "I was short but now I tower over you peons" campaign by growing from 5'11" to 6'1". Richards will redshirt. Scout also has more Myron Rolle. Same carefully neutral tone but if you'd like to overanalyze what he said I would say that the article is a negative one for Michigan. I am moving my tiny Myron Rolle figurine farther away. (Also, more mention of Meyer and his goddamn text messaging. OMG LOL U R A LOOSER!!!)

Other people are still talking about this whole Braveheart thing though I have personally sworn off it. CFR weighs in (negative) with a philosophical take that accuses mgoblog of "living what amounts to a fairly numb existence," which means that he definitely hasn't read any of my liveblogs. A brief clarification: when I ask "How would I know?" The question is more "how would I be able to tell if your hypothesis is correct, given that you have given essentially no reasoning to support it?" New blogpoll voter Braves & Birds (<--blogroll and link away, EDSBS) then does a demolition job on CFR's Boise-Georgia post. Never attack Georgia in winter. Or something.

Also, Blogpoll Roundtable #2
should be coming up soon, whenever EDSBS stops looking for naked pictures of Rosario Dawson.

Finally: A blog from the cradle of Joe Tiller! And a blogpoll voter, completing our collection of conferences. In other blogpoll voter news, Football Outsiders has provided a severe injection of credibility by deigning to participate. Excited am I.