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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just take a look at their "Ad Rates" (airquotes because the page contains no rates). Check it out:

"DIRECT E-MAIL - We have a database of over 50 million e-mails of sports fans.
Please contact us for pricing info."
"Direct e-mail" is distinguishable from spam... how? How do they have "50 million e-mails" of sports fans, anyway? The only way to give CFN your address is by signing up for their forums (by the way, the signup disclaimer for those forums does not include the relatively standard "we won't spam your email address" boilerplate, and the signup form does not include the relatively standard "please don't email me about my penis" checkbox.). There's no way 50 million people have signed up for the forums. Hell, there's no way they've even gotten 50 million hits over the course of their existence. So they're either a) fibbing to advertisers or b) dispensing spammy email lists.

If CFN's clientele leaned to the dorky Linux geek persuasion this would be a faux pas of dizzing magnitude, proof or no. This is not the case, but I think this is still pretty underhanded. I'm not suggesting that they've done it... I'm just suggesting that it's quite apparent that if someone offered them money to do it, they would. I don't think I would sign up for their forums unless I really, really needed a bigger penis. Word to the wise.