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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

ESPN has withdrawn its name from the coaches poll. What to make of it? I hope this is another sign that the country is turning on the travishamockery of the BCS and is only a couple years from tearing it to shreds like rabid weasels, taking the tattered bits of fur from its corpse, and building a playoff system that will please all far and wide except the team ranked ninth. But it probably isn't.

SDWolvFan saw '06 basketball recruit Tom Herzog in action at a basketball tournament in, well, San Diego. Here's his report.

Five Wolverines went in the MLB draft over the last couple days and there was good news and bad news about next year's team. Relief pitcher (and ex-quarterback) Clayton Richard and second baseman Chris Getz both went relatively high and are likely to sign contracts. Pitcher Derek Feldkamp may also depart. The good news is that recruit Zach Putnam, reputed to be the best player Michigan has signed in a long time, was not drafted at all due to excessive contract demands. Michigan will get at least a year out of him.

Programming Note II: Having given short shrift to the softball team with my all-caps officiating liveblog rants, I feel compelled to correct my mistakes by liveblogging the climactic championship game tonight. The ogling, er, Serious Professional Analysis starts at 7:30. (A note: is it sad that I noticed that softball had come a long way because people started trashing them on message boards when they were down 0-2 last night? Yes.)

Update: Apparently the draft was still a goin' on. Putnam went in the 38th round to the Tigers. Yet to be seen if they'll actually sign him.